• Identify the areas of Innovation – Define problem statement
  • Interact with industry experts & academia for solutions (MoUs)
  • Finding the right technology fitting the solution
  • Customization of technology as per Utility requirement
  • Prototype creation & evaluation (Perform pilot projects)
  • Arrive at a workable, technically feasible & economically viable model


  1. As per the provisions of “Electricity Act 2003” - Promoting R&D in Power sector
  2. Advised by senior level officers and assisted by young officers with innovative ideas.
  3. Headed by an Executive Engineer (Ele) and assisted by 1 Assistant. Executive Engineer (Ele). Presently, with 5 Assistant Engineer (Ele) working in the team
  4. Technology Innovation Council comprises of 6 external members and 4 internal members
  5. The council chalks out short term, medium term and long term plans for technology innovation

Projects taken-up and successfully implemented

DGM(TIC) --- Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

In-house Designs & Developments



Collaborations / MoUs



Office of the DGM(TIC), Ground floor, Block-II, Corporate office, BESCOM, K R Circle, Bengaluru - 560001

  • Cloud hosted analytical platform for consumer data analysis and insights with
    1. Billing data
    2. Meter/Consumption data
    3. Payment Data
    4. Complaints etc..
  • Create effective engagement plan with the consumers to achieve
    1. Energy efficiency goals
    2. Demand supply management
    3. Revenue enhancement
    4. Reduction in complaints
    5. Increase in consumer satisfaction
  • Mobile application for consumer engagement
Cubbon park , officially known as Sri. Chamarajendra Park is an iconic park of Karnataka which is visited by thousands of visitors. The park has various flora and is a home for several species of birds and is a place to relax and spend the weekend. To attract more people following initiatives are undertaken in modernizing the existing park and giving it a catchy look.
  • Street light & Path way poles with LED lights
  • Path way poles with LED lights
  • Centralized Control Monitoring System (CCMS) for automatic monitoring, dimming of LED lights configurable in groups or individually for a pre-set time or as desired, integrated along with motion sensor
  • Smart Digital display System integrated along with motion sensor, temperature sensor and air quality sensor
  • Fiber optic cable for surveillance infrastructure
The main objective of the project is to use Biodegradable Natural Ester dielectric fluid in place of the existing transformer mineral oil for the distribution transformers located in densely populated areas.
Sl No Specification Mineral Oil NE fluid
1 Flash Point oC 160 320-330
2 Fire Point oC 160 350-360
3 Classification (class) "O" "K"
4 Biodegradable No YES
5 Breakdown voltage (KV) >70 >75

Biodegradable Natural ester dielectric fluid is produced from 100% renewable and natural resources as per IEC 62770-2013.

The important benefits and advantages of this fluid are:
  1. Improves life of the transformer insulation by 5-8 times
  2. No sludge formation
  3. High temperature withstanding capability i.e transformers can accommodate 15-20°C increase in hot spot
  4. Biodegradable Natural ester dielectric fluid is a "K" class Fluid having a fire point of 350°C. Chances of fire accidents of DT's is very less thus enhancing public safety
  5. Natural esters are Bio-degradable within 28 days, environmental friendly
  6. Natural ester Fluid is free from carbon, halogens, silicon, sulfur contents etc
  7. The Natural ester fluid is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the water & soil
  • Safety to public and operators
  • Enhances the overall life of the LT UG cable
  • Electrical arc is quenched immediately
  • Effective and a safe ring system
  • Compact
  • Provision for display of advertisements
  • Replicate representative BESCOM network on digital multi-screen displays for small scale model
  • To establish small scale sub-system test infrastructure
  • Avoids investment in Pilot projects
  • Enumeration and Identification of DTCs & DTRs
  • Tracking the movement & Repair of transformers
  • Dashboards & Analysis on parameters of Key asset of the company - DTR